LC-4000 Versatile HPLC

With the introduction of HPLC in the mid-1970’s JASCO’s experience in highly sensitive and accurate optical systems led to the development of a very versatile of chromatographic systems.


LC-4000 Liquid Chromatography series is designed to operate at pressures approaching 15,000 psi for either gradient or isocratic separations, providing researchers with a powerful tool when using the new generation of small particle columns.

The LC-4000 Series 70 MPa system has been designed to future-proof your HPLC requirements.

LC-4000 Series includes a versatile series of components offering unique flexibility to build systems for routine and specialized applications.

LC-4000 features the widest choice of optical HPLC detector: UV, diode array, fluorescence, CD, chiral and refractive index detector.

UHPLC System

The LC-4000 UHPLC System is great for chromatographers who need to run a large number of samples or get results quickly. Pioneering column technology continues to push particle sizes ever smaller.

The LC-4000 UHPLC (130MPa – 20,000 psi) is designed to take advantage of the separation efficiency of the very small particles coupled with longer and narrower columns.

The LC-4000 UHPLC system incorporates many of the same features as the 70 MPa system, but with materials designed to withstand even higher pressures.

SFC / SFE Systems

JASCO’s modular Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Extraction platforms provide a low-cost, fast, green technology with reliable and worry-free performance for a wide variety of applications.

ChromNAV Software

The latest version of ChromNAV 2.0 software is a simple to use, and powerful Chromatography Data System (CDS). The highly configurable graphical-user-interface (GUI) can be quickly set up to display only the functions necessary for your use.

Users can quickly learn the operation and explore the extensive functionality for instrument control and data processing.

JASCO Solutions

Download JASCO LC/SFC/SFE Solution