Service and Support

Make the most of your investment with JASCO Service and Support

JASCO Service and Support agreement plans are designed for those laboratories pursuing superior productivity through the highest level of professional services.

The use of automated instrumentation is the right approach to meet today’s laboratories productivity requirements, reducing analysis run times, enhancing sample throughput, and increasing analytical accuracy and precision. In this view, preventive maintenance is very important to maximize laboratory uptime and avoid unexpected expenses.

In addition to the analytical goal, proper installation and maintenance are required to achieve optimal performance. JASCO provides flexible service and support management solutions focused on your laboratory real objectives.

With its service network, JASCO is ready to maintain the perfect reliability of customer’s instrumentation and minimize the laboratory down time.

If your laboratory has specific Service and Support requirements, JASCO can help you with customized contract agreements.

In addition, a full set of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) tests are available to verify the system proper installation, operation and performance, respectively.

Training Courses

Get the most from your investment with JASCO Training Courses.

JASCO Training Courses ensure maximum skill development for the best value of your laboratory.

Our team of highly-experienced specialists can help your staff to get the most from your instrument reducing your analysis run time and improve performance.

Build your knowledge with JASCO Training Courses: