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Serving the Science and Technology World by providing most advanced analytical instrumentation

JASCO Corporation was founded in 1958 to provide the scientific community with optical spectroscopy products.

In the mid-1950’s a group of researchers in the Institute of Optics of what is now Tsukuba University needed an Infrared Spectrophotometer for their research.

Since a commercially available instrument was not yet existing at the time, they undertook the challenge to develop their own.

The result was quite a success – a reliable instrument with excellent optical performance. As a second result, other research groups asked them to replicate the instrument for use within their laboratories.

JASCO has a strong global presence, supplying customers in over 45 different countries.

Over the years the JASCO product line has grown to cover instruments used, not only in research but also for routine analysis applications in areas such as quality control, environmental analysis, and process control.

The current spectroscopy product line encompasses instrumentation for the following methods:

JASCO Deutschland GmbH is a medium-size company in the heart of South of Hessen.

Principal purposes of our company are sales, service, support and customers tailored solutions for our scientific instruments. A broadly varied clientele, like the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with considerable enterprises such as Evonik AG, BAYER AG, BASF, Sanofi-Aventis are our customers. Additionally well known universities, private and semigovermental research establishments and laboratories are the the base of our success.
We are targeting the fields of: Life Sciences Analysis, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Materials Analysis, Semiconductors and LCD and Nanotechnologies.

Owing to annually continuously rising sales figures JASCO shifted 1993 the head office into the Rhine Main area to Gross-Umstadt to be more in the center of Germany. An excellent traffic infrastructure enables an easy access to our company from all over Germany and Europe.

The main business fields are Spectroscopy and Chromatography and related or combined techniques.

JASCO Deutschland is founded on a philosophy of teamwork and our goal as a team is to share a close relationship with you customers, to understand your needs and provide a service which not only meets your present but also your future requirements.

Here at JASCO Deutschland we are proud of the performance of our technical staff.

We set the standards of knowledge and training at a very high level. Throughout the lifetime of your instrument, we remain committed to making sure that owning a JASCO product is a simple yet rewarding experience. We are committed to being responsive to our customers and our employees in an atmosphere of close teamwork and strong communication. Decentralized service- and sales offices are also close to your lab. Attractive labor- and travel-charges, optimized maintenance- and service-contracts, fast response on your call or Email, short communication ways and well known responding people make your life easier.

Our aftersales-, application- and service support, a well organized and comprehensive spare parts-stock and our training courses inhouse or in your laboratory are the warranty for well operating instruments.

Validation and Qualification (IQ/OQ) of individual modules up to complete systems are other aspects of our service performance.

Individual analytical problems are calling for individual solutions, do not hesitate to contact us also for none-routine-solutions. Test our delivery times: Common instruments, accessories and spare parts are nearly always available “ex stock” or in a short period.

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