The LC-4500 compact HPLC for routine analytical & small scale preparative separations.
This simple modular HPLC system is so flexible that it can used for a wide range of applications in academic research, teaching or QA/QC.

The extremely compact stackable design requires only 6 inches (15cm) of bench space, and can be easily fit into most fume cabinets where space is a premium.

The individual pump, detector and autosampler modules each have an option for keypad control, external control by RS232 or simple contact closure, so that they can be readily incorporated into other systems for both chromatography and non-chromatography applications.

LC-4500 Compact HPLC
LC-4500 Compact HPLC

Principles of High Performance Liquid Chromatography

LC-4500 Compact HPLC

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