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Fluorescence Measurement Modes

FDCD-550 Water thermostatted FDCD measurement attachment

The FDCD-550 allows FDCD measurement consisting of a sample holder for 90 degrees detection, with focusing lens, filter holder and short wavelength cut filter to remove the excitation wavelength. The sample can be kept at constant sample temperature by circulating water inside of the holder.
The FDCD can be measured by repositioning standard J-1500 CD detector to emission side.  For high-sensitive measurement and/or multi-probe measurement, dedicated FDCD detectors are also available.

FDCD-551 Artifact-free FDCD measurement attachment

The FDCD-551 is an FDCD measurement attachment with a unique structure using a sandwiched elliptical cylinder mirror with two plane mirrors to collect emitted light over 360° both for high sensitivity and low artifacts. This new design enables significant reduction of spurious effects when measuring samples with fluorescence anisotropy. For high-sensitive FDCD measurement, it is strongly recommended to use an optional dedicated FDCD detector.

The J-1500 offers two optional methods for measurement of Fluorescence. Each of these methods allows either simultaneous or separate measurement of both CD and Fluorescence on the same sample.

The simplest method employs the TFA-335 Total Fluorescence option utilizing high pass cut-off filters for Emission wavelength selection. This low cost method allows simple yet sensitive detection of Fluorescence changes during a titration or thermal ramp and also allows spectral Excitation scans.




The FMO-427 utilizes a high efficiency monochromator for Emission wavelength selection.  In addition to Excitation scans, the FMO-427 allows Emission scans to follow changes in Emission wavelength during an experiment.


Both the TFA-335 and FMO-427 are used in conjunction with either the PFD-425 or MPTC-490 Peltier temperature control systems.



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